“With each of my sculptures, I try to capture a subtle understanding yet basic truth about people. Hidden behind the obvious and sometimes lost in the “pose” is something much more honest and powerful. Something best communicated by the position of a hand, the tilt of a head, or the strain of a muscle. I am captivated, by the challenge of finding the strongest, yet possibly not the most obvious, way to tell a very human story. Many of my pieces are about the Irony and contrast which are a part of us all. Strong, yet vulnerable; present, yet far away in thought; balanced, yet precariously fragile. These contrasts are like a thread of understanding which I seek to weave into each sculpture. I often use elements from nature; wind, water, or a nurturing pillow of fallen leaves, to represent the experience of life. I am constantly amazed by the ability of anatomy to communicate feelings and emotions in a way that creates empathy and understanding in the viewer. Over the years, I have developed an immense appreciation for the honesty and simple elegance of people. As an artist and sculptor, I seek to capture that honesty and elegance in each of my works.”


At first look, Steve Gevurtz’ relatively young career as a sculptor may seem like a dramatic departure from his 40 + years in the world of business. Yet from his lakeside studio in Sandpoint ID where he creates his life-like sculptures, he sees more similarities than differences between his life in the world of business and his journey as a sculptor. “Both are an expression of my fascination with people”. Born in Portland Oregon, Steve developed an early appreciation for art by watching his mother Charlotte, an accomplished artist and art teacher, as she taught her students to explore their creativity. After attending Portland State University and Lewis and Clark College, Steve embarked upon a career in the business world in such varied roles as restaurant manger, teacher, sales and marketing executive, business consultant, CEO of a computer company and management coach.

In 2002, at the age of 53 he began exploring art, attending drawing, painting, and portraiture classes in Spokane, Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York. He studied anatomy texts in the evenings and sought the advice of many local artists including sculptors George Carlson, Dorothy Fowler, Sister Paula Turnbull, Terry Lee, and Stan Miller.

In spite of hours and hours of practice, he admits that he never really became comfortable with two dimensional art nor satisfied with his results, so In 2005 he put away his paints and brushes, bought his first block of clay and began his career as a sculptor. From the very beginning, he felt a natural and instinctive ability to work in three dimensions and found that his work flowed effortlessly from his hands to the clay. He worked hours at the local foundry in North, Idaho, in order to learn the casting and patina process and put his personal touch on each of his new pieces.

To date Steve has completed over 25 limited edition and commissioned bronzes, and his work is included in many private collections as well as public art installations in Coeur de Alene and Spokane . His work has been shown in national publications such as American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur and featured in galleries in Sante Fe, Portland, Cannon Beach Oregon, Coeur De Alene, and Spokane. He is a full time resident of Sandpoint where he lives with his wife Sandra.